Adlard Coles Shore Guide: Channel Coast of France: Everything you need to know when you step ashore


Sailors planning a cruise abroad use a pilot book, which gives you all the navigational advice to get you to your destination. Once you've closed the pilot book, this book will help you enjoy all that your destination has to offer. What can you discover within walking distance of the port? Where can you find fuel, laundry and food supplies? The main reason for going on a cruise in the first place is to explore new and lovely places. Sailors won't decide to stop at a port because of an interesting pilotage challenge, but you will for an amazing moules frites place hidden away. General guidebooks won't tell you everything you need to know, and will include a lot of info on places you can't reach. Adlard Coles Shore Guides provide the essential information and ideas to make the most of your time ashore.

Paul Heiney, a hugely experienced sailor, journalist and author, is the perfect companion for exploring the pretty harbours and beautiful beaches of the Channel Coast of France. The book is lavishly illustrated with the author's own photos of this alluring coastline's bustling ports and hidden gems.

Chapters arranged by region and port will detail why each place is worth visiting, what to see, where to find essentials such as fuel and repairs, transport connections, places to visit, best cafes and restaurants, walks (sailors need to stretch their legs when they go ashore), bike rides, best beaches and activities for the kids, all organised into categories by distance from the port or harbour - 10 minutes' walk, 30 minutes' walk and further afield.


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